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Message from the President

Message from the President


Welcome to the official website of the Asian Federation of Laboratory Animal Science (AFLAS).

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of AFLAS in 2003.
This website has been newly organized and prepared to promote cooperation and development with AFLAS members.

Dr. KilSoo Kim

At AFLAS, our primary goal is to foster international cooperation by organizing Asian Congresses on Laboratory Animal Science. These congresses serve as platforms for reviewing scientific, technical, and educational challenges within the field of Laboratory Animal Science. By doing so, we aim to develop various activities that contribute to the advancement of Laboratory Animal Science and promote animal welfare.

Our AFLAS Congress takes place biennially, hosted by member associations or societies in the Asian region. During these gatherings, a wide array of scientific and educational presentations are delivered, providing a valuable opportunity for knowledge exchange and professional growth.

Since 2016, AFLAS has been committed to supporting training and education initiatives in laboratory animal science. These efforts encompass techniques, animal welfare, and experimental ethics within AFLAS member associations or societies.

We sincerely appreciate your visit to our website, and we look forward to engaging with individuals who share our vision and passion for enhancing Laboratory Animal Science through collaboration and continuous improvement.

Thank you.